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Price List


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £51.00
Re-examination £49.00
Rabbit Consultation £49.00
Small Pet Consultation (Guinea Pigs, Hamsters etc.) £49.00
Home Visits, dependant on time of day, distance, urgency etc. £98.86
Identichipping £19.75

All consultations are for 15 minutes to give plenty of time for a thorough examination and treatment plan

Routine Surgical Procedures

  Dog Castration Bitch Spay
<25kg £242.72 £318.56
25kg - 45kg £289.97 £384.54
45kg or over £315.25 £447.70


  Standard Price
Cat Castration £87.91
Cat Spay £136.18
Midline Cat Spay £146.00


  Standard Price
Rabbit Castration £137.30
Rabbit Spay £175.74


Prices include post-op check after 3-4 days and stitch removal after 10 days. Rabbit prices include stitch removal after 10 days.


  Standard Price
Puppy Vaccination Course £90.13
Dog Booster Vaccination including health check £61.52
Dog Kennel Cough Vaccination £52.15
Kennel Cough with other £37.34
Kitten Primary Vaccination Course FLU/ENT/FELV £107.12
Kitten Primary Vaccination Course Flu/Ent £92.33
Kitten Primary Vaccination Course Leukaemia only £96.73
Cat Booster Vaccination including health check £67.58
Rabbit RHD Plus (protects against myxomatosis, RHD 1 & 2) £85.67
Filavac (protects against RHD2)   £51.62

Please ask if you would like an estimate prior to starting any course of treatment as costs can be variable depending on your pet’s individual situation.

Prices are correct as at April 2022 but are subject to change.